Katsujinken’ is a martial philosophy that means literally ‘the sword that gives life’. 

This is representative of the Spirit and Philosophy of the martial art that is Aikido, where the techniques are designed to neutralise and re-direct an opponents aggression and energy back toward them to empower the defender and overcome the attackers efforts.

By applying principles of Katsujinken, both in theory and in practice, we can be responsible for the methods we use of our skills to gain maximum effect for minimum effort in overcoming opposition.

Our Organisation - Aikikai Zen Ten

Our governing organisation is AIKIKAI ZEN TEN

 and all our students are registered and insured through the British Aikido Board.



Our Glasgow class trains at the Gracie Barra Jujutsu facilities on the Broomielaw and meets every Monday and Wednesday evening.

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Kilmarnock Dojo

Our Kilmarnock class trains in Cluarankwai Judo Club, Kilmarnock and meets every Thursday evening.

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The 'KIDO 


We run a children's class from age 8 to 15 from our Kilmarnock Dojo.

The 'Kido Cubs' class meets every Thursday.

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